Double action treatment for coloured hair

30 September 2020 | News

Double action hydrating and densifying serum for scalp and hair & double action activator: hyaluronic acid enriched additive for pre&post colour services.


The synergy of an innovative formula containing hyaluronic acid, Indian kino tree extract, hydrolysed rice proteins, sorbitol, eucalyptol, panthenol and other specific active ingredients has two health benefits for scalp and hair: deep hydration and a densifying action. To be used in combination with the OXYZEN oxygen machine or the special Airbrush system, to guarantee the optimization of the application.


Activator with hyaluronic acid to be used in combination with the DOUBLE ACTION SERUM, containing osmotic water, hyaluronic acid and rice proteins. The innovative protective and hydrating treatment for the scalp before each technical service (colouring, lightening and perms), id obtained by mixing equal amounts of DOUBLE ACTION ACTIVATOR and DOUBLE ACTION SERUM.


Sabrina Schlatter

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