AGE RENEW with hyaluronic acid

New concentrated hair treatment, specific and professional for the hair. Made from hyaluronic acid along with melitene and organic rooibos, the product helps to reduce hair aging. The result is extraordinary.

Strengthens the hair roots damaged through the years and by the repetitive chemical treatments (dull, brittle and weak hair), gives an incredible shine and youthful touch. Clearly extends the duration of your hair coloration.


Oxyzen is a revolutionary technology that nourishes your hair with pure oxygen to give vitality to the skin tissues and hair, ameliorating the microcirculation of the skin and the vitality of the the hair with immediate and extraordinary results; healthy skin and liveness, silky and bright hair.

The ageing of the skin and the opacification of the hair are caused by different factors: a poor cutaneous microcirculation, stress, pollution, UVB rays and skin related problems.

University scientific studies (including the University of Berlin) demonstrate the importance and advantages of the application of oxygen on the skin.

The Oxyzen technology, in combination with the treatments from ‘Simple zen’, both help to improve and treat different skin and hair blemishes, thanks to the microcirculation of oxygen of the skin.

Anti-hair loss, anti-ageing and oily hair treatments

For an intense densification of the hair, the treatment should be applied approximately once every week for 3 months for successful results.


Haircut – blow-dry – care

Haircut – blow-dry – colour

Balayage/highlights — blow-dry

Balayage/highlights- colour – haircut – blow-dry